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Bayside Show 1/19/11 @ Mad Hatter

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Jan 20, 2011

Last night I went to see Bayside at the Mad Hatter in Covington. There were ridiculous amounts of complications as soon as I arrived. Even though I was confirmed for a photo pass, the venue told me they don't give them. On top of that I brought a friend with me who was getting a free ticket. If I didn't get my pass, she couldn't get in. I talked to Bayside manager and he fixed it all, after I called Breesays. 

The Mad Hatter does not have a photo pit but I still asked to take photos. I figured it wouldn't be that bad. How wrong I was... I was in the front row for all three opening bands. But the band right before Bayside was hardcore, so everything was pushing. I have a thousand dollar camera and there is no way I am going to stand in a crowd who is pushing me and sweating all over me. So I didn't get ANY photos of the band I wanted to see ): 

I did meet a few bands, though! (: Here are some pictures:

This is Fred of Terrible Things who used to be the bassist of Taking Back Sunday. He is super nice and said we are best friends (:

This is Nick of Bayside, the band I attempted to take photos for. He's really nice (:

Evan(?) and Spencer of The Upset Victory. I didn't really like them but these two guys were so sweet. Plus they are really good at bass and guitar!

Although I didn't meet all of Bayside and I didn't get to take photos for them, I still had so much fun (:

xo c.explains

Harry Potter Party!

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Nov 22, 2010

A while back my friends and I had a "Harry Potter marathon". We all dressed up like character from the books and made delicious desserts/snacks from the books as well. We decorated the house to look like the HP world (that was a huge fail since money was an issue). All in all it was great fun! Here are some photos.

Here are a few goodies we had. There were more sweets on the left, which made up the "Honey Dukes" corner. 

Goodie bags included: A mini "Triwizard Cup", Pop Rocks, Galleons, colored beads from the house you were sorted into. Yes, we had a hat and everyone drew a house name from it. You got that goodie bag.

Acting out the third movie where Hermione (me) punches Draco (Caroline).

Left to right: Draco, Trelawny, Luna, Lupin, an extra, Hermione! 

We all had so much fun! Have you guys had a Harry Potter party?

Meeting Avenged Sevenfold

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Oct 11, 2010

November 11th 2007 four friends and I went to see Avenged Sevenfold in Columbus, Ohio which is an hour and a half away from where I live. We got there two hours early and wait outside in the ridiculous line. We drink way too many rockstars and find ourselves chatting with other people in line.

Since i was thirteen I have loved Avenged Sevenfold. Their music displays their talent which is out of this world. Their lyrics are badass and some of their songs bring me to tears. Seeing them for the second time was awesome.

We go inside the venue and push our way to the very front. We didn't give a shit about anyone else. Considerate, right? Well I was right in front of Zacky's mic and I couldn't be happier. I'm reppin' Vengeance University, wearing my A7X dog tags, and I have my camera with a shit ton of batteries. I'm prepared.

They come on stage and I scream my lungs out. What a performance! They really know how to put on a show. 

Afterwards I go outside and notice a gate where the bands buses were. My friends I rush over to it and wait for what seems to be hours. By this time it is past midnight and it is freezing cold. It's probably about 40 degrees. That didn't stop me. I was determined to meet the guys who changed my life.

I'm staring as the Barry's pack up the guys gear and go back and forth between the bus and the venue. Sooner or later I notice someone tall with a long white beard walking over to the gate with another tall guy wearing basketball shorts. Squinting in the dark I notice it's Matt. 

The crowd goes wild and he just smiles and waves. He starts at the top of the line and works his way down. When he gets to me I am speechless. He is so kind and so sweet! He signed my ticket and I got this photo with him:
I ended up smearing his signature haha. But that wasn't the first photo I took with him. The first one didn't turn out and I was super bummed. He asked me why I frowned at the photo and told him I cut myself out but that was okay. He said "No! Lets take another one!" He smiled all goofily and posed. He's so sweet.

So Matt left after a while and went back inside the venue. Out comes Johnny who is grinning like an idiot haha. It was adorable.

I'm the first one to notice him since it's so dark and he walks straight over to me. I ask him for his autograph but he didn't have a marker. He ends up starting at the top of the line and working his way back to me. It was great.

He tried to flip me off. He was mad it didn't get in the picture haha. OWN'D, JC!

It's almost thirty minutes until the next person shows up. It was definitely worth every second though. I look over and see Brian walking over with Thor with a cigarette between his lips and a beer in his hand. I burst out laughing. Typical Brian.

When he gets to me I tell him he's amazing and he looks at his feet and says, "Awh, stop it." It was great haha. We got this photo together:

It's definitely a fail photo for the both of us. He tried to blow out his smoke for the picture and my camera was delayed because of how cold it was so I started talking D: EPIC FAIL.

Everyone is talking and looking around the venue and staring at Syn so they don't notice this guy running towards the gate. I scream "ZACKY!!!!" And everyone gets quiet. Zacky smiles at everyone and starts signing.

When he gets to me I am almost breathless. He looks even better in person.

Shit, this guy saved my life.

When he gets to me he signs my ticket and compliments my shirt. We hug through the gate (I had to ask haha) and we take a photo together. I tell him I love him and he smiles all bashfully and says "I love you too, baby!"

Can I just say I almost pissed my pants?

When he was leaving I said I love you again and he turned around, blew me a kiss, and said I love you, too! 


After that we waited a few more minutes for Jimmy but he never came out ): It was meant to happen, though!

That's my story! (:


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