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Avenged Sevenfold New Song 'Not Ready To Die': Love It or Love It?

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato May 03, 2011

Today Avenged Sevenfold, my favorite band, released their new song titled 'Not Ready To Die' today on iTunes so fans should go buy it!! It's such a great song. It definitely brings old school Avenged back to life. If you are a fan of Waking the Fallen, LISTEN TO IT. 

I've been an Avenged fan since 2004 so I have been with them for quite a while. I've liked their new stuff and was a little meh about some of their stuff. For instance, I'm not a huge fan of the songs on City of Evil. I love the metal, thrash stuff like Waking the Fallen, and their new song. I can't wait for the new album!

Haven't heard it or can't buy it? 

Listen to it here before Warner Brother's take it down!

What do you guys think of their new song? Do you love it or hate it?

From a HUGE A7X fan, who has seen them six times and met them, I love it!

Clarissa Anne 

What Is Your Favorite Tour Story?

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 26, 2011

I have been to tons of shows since I was a little kid. My first concert was N'Sync (don't hate). I remember my dad calling to tell me he was getting my ticket and I remember the drive to the stadium to see them. To this day I still wish they would reunite and go back out on tour!

Here are all of the shows I have been to: (unless I forgot some)

N'Sync - 2002

Christina Aguilera/Destiny's Child - 2002 

Straylight Run/Paramore/Plain White T's/Simple Plan 2005 - I got to meet Plain White T's.

Avenged Sevenfold 2006.

Yellowcard 2006 - Ryan sang "Only One" to my friend Anja and I.

Kill Hannah/Mindless Self Indulgence - 2006 - Met Kill Hannah and MSI.

Avenged Sevenfold 2007 - Got to meet them all, minus Jimmy.

Bullet for my Valentine/Atreyu/Avenged Sevenfold - 2008.

Linkin Park/Atreyu/any other band on Projekt Rev - 2008 - Met Atreyu.

Rush - 2008.

Rock on the Range(A7X) - 2009 - Met yOyO Suicide (Suicide Girl). and Early Pearl

Warped Tour - 2009 - Met In This Moment.

Warped Tour - 2010 - Met Parkway Drive and Polar Bear Club.

Avenged Sevenfold - 2011

Terrible Things/Bayside - 2011 Met Nick of Bayside and Fred of Terrible Things.

Rush - 2011.

And I am taking photos for The Summer Set, Hey Monday, Yellowcard, and All Time Low this Saturday! Stay tuned on Sunday for photos!

If I had to pick my favorite tour story it would be in 2007 when I met Avenged Sevenfold. I got to the show super early and waited in line drinking energy drinks and stuff. We laughed about the guys and talked about what we would say if we got to meet them. Then we entered the venue and pushed our way to the very front. I was right in front of Zacky (LOVE OF MY LIFE) and I was so excited. I got TONS of photos but of course the computer crashed shortly after so I don't have any pics. But the show was amazing. Afterwards when they walked off stage my friends and I ran out to the buses by the gate and waited for hours. First Johnny came up and I was so freaking happy. Then Matt Shadows, then Syn and Zacky. I cried to say the least. I got to meet my favorite band, get photos and their autographs. It was great! That's my favorite tour story.

What shows have you been to and which is your favorite tour story?



My Visit To Auschwitz and Birkenau

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 23, 2011

Some of you may have heard the story of my travel to Auschwitz and Birkenau - two concentration camps in Poland. If you are unfamiliar with the story, just keep reading. 

On March 25, 2009 the group I came to Poland with got up early and met at the school we were studying at. The moment we stepped onto the soil of Auschwitz, every single hair on my body stood on end. The ground felt different - like it was older and richer than any other location. It had more than just dirt and some rocks - it had a history; a story to tell. Not only was the ground below me making my mind race with images of the past, the trees were eerie as well. They hung over the walk ways as if they were trying to stop you from moving forward. 

As I took a few steps away from the bus and gave a few uneasy smiles to my friends who were thinking the same thing I was, my host David rubbed my back and said "we're here" in his thick Polish accent. It's scary to think that his people were murdered on the very soil we stand on.

I stayed with David who spoke little English and whose family could only say the universal "ok". It was a little difficult but we had a translator in every room. Every meal we helped each other with the language. Christin and I helped David and his sister Elisa with their English and they helped us with Polish (I can still only say a few words). David was a very sweet guy and he was there for me from the moment we got off the bus to the moment we got back on.

So we enter the little greeting area where you get a tour guide and a little talk about what happened and when the area was made into a museum. My heart was racing at the though of walking on the very soil so many broken hearts were on. I didn't know if I could handle it. Just two years before I went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C. and ran out feeling sick from the photographs. To think I was going to stand where the photo was taken made me sick - but I was eager to explore.

When we enter Auschwitz, I was overcome with a feeling I can barely explain. It wasn't like I had pictured. Yes, I saw photos of the concentration camps but I didn't think I saw one of Auschwitz. There are tons of red bricked buildings that are two stories, narrow, and long. I thought it was going to be barren and crumbled. But it was still together. The rooms where they had maps of where people were taken and executed were eerie. The ground was chipped with dips every now and then. The paint was chipping and there was a cold breeze that swept every room.

I was okay until the last museum in Auschwitz where they had all of the victim's belongings. Huge display's of shirts, glasses, and hair. When I saw all of the glasses my eyes just began to pour. I couldn't take it. I began to cry and it didn't stop. 

We saw the death wall, which is where the Jewish and other victims would stand and be killed. Candles and flowers were at the back wall where a mural was faintly painted. While I was standing there I didn't look too closely because my tears blurred my vision. But looking at the photo I took of the area, I saw a faint face. It scared me to think it wasn't there but it was in my photo - but then again I wasn't looking too closely.

I thought it would all end there and the tour of Auschwitz would be over. But our artistic director told us we would be touring an actual execution camp - Birkenau. If you are a little confused, Auschwitz had many branches. Auschwitz I as many call it, was where all of the Jews, Gypsies, and others would go to be sorted and told they would be working. From there they would put them on trucks and taken to Auschwitz branches. That is where we went.

The ride there was daunting. Poland is very flat so you could see for miles. The trees were hanging gloomily over the road. I just took a deep breath and tried to keep it together. Of course that all went out the door when we arrived at Birkenau.

The barbed wire fence that surrounded Birkenau was more than any photo could show. All you could see was a huge wall with a small opening for a train. Inside the fence you saw tiny yet long red bricked buildings on one side. On the other, behind the watch towers, you saw just chimney's in the rubble. It was unreal. No photo could ever show this.

When you step inside you cannot see the end. As far as the eye can see, you see a train track going all of the way to the back of the camp. That is where the Jewish and others were taken and stripped of their clothes and goods. After that they were sent into small buildings where they would sleep. 

(me crying on the right)

I wish I could describe it to you all. Photos do not do it justice. One side the buildings are still in tact. On the other side they are just huge mounds of rubble. You look up to the sky and see watch towers where Nazi's would stand with their guns to shoot any who didn't obey their orders. After touring the rooms the prisoners were kept in, I felt I couldn't take it anymore but I was so eager to see more. I was torn.

I continued with the group, despite the queasiness in my stomach. The group and I walked to the end of the train track to find a statue built to preserve the memory of those lost at this camp and throughout Europe. In more than twenty languages, a reflection of how many were lost and what happened were written around the statue. Next to this was rubble from another building. 

Before we left, we walked through the crematorium. I dreaded this part the most. This is where the bodies disappeared. As you enter, there are ropes in a designated walking area with reminders to be silent. No one speaks as they walk through and I can understand why. You can't even form words or think of what to say as you walk through. 

As we walked back, I walked alone. I could see them. I could see them filing out of the buildings with their hearts broken - their souls crushed. I felt as though I was among them. I believe you have lived a thousand lives before the present. Maybe I was there. I was being pushed around, yelled at, starved, forced to work, and torn apart by the Nazi's. Maybe I was torn away from my family and given no hope of survival. I was almost brought to my knees with this realization. 

Even though I could not express how sad I was about being there - I wouldn't trade it for the world. It is an experience of a lifetime. Everyone should go visit a concentration camp to get a perspective on the matter and bring a new light to it. You will not be sorry you went. It makes you feel alive even though you are standing in a place whispering of death. It is a real eye opener and I am glad I had the chance to experience this.

I just watched "Classics: The Diary of Anne Frank" and I read that Edith, Anne's mom, was brought to Birkenau and ended up dying there. It tore me apart to think I was there. I could have stood in the same exact spot as her. 

I will never forget.


Weird Celebrity Facts Round 3

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 21, 2011

If you haven't read part one or part two of the "Weird Celebrity Facts", you should do so to find out some strange things about some of your favorite people! Here are some more fun facts!

1. As a child, Jim Carrey wore tap shoes to bed just in case his parents needed cheering up in the middle of the night.

I couldn't think of a better way to cheer my parents up!

2. Claire Danes has a swing in her apartment.

Um, I'm going to go over her place quite often.

3. Tommy Lee Jones and Al Gore were freshman roommates at Harvard.

They had to be fun to be around while in college...

4. Walt Disney was afraid of mice.

What would Gus Gus say?

5. Matthew McConaughey sometimes has to stop eating because he claims to get too sexually aroused by the food.  He says:  "I think food is really sexy."

......................................... I mean he's right. Meatloaf is just so sexy..

6. Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" for 1938 was Adolf Hitler.

Yeah, you read that right. Hitler.

7. Pierce Brosnan worked with the circus as a fire eater.


8. Leonardo DiCaprio’s first onscreen kiss was with a man.

9. Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies.

I mean, they are terrifying...

10. Madonna is related to both Gwen Stefani and Celine Dion. Gwen’s great aunt’s mother-in-law shares the same last name as Madonna Ciccone and an ancestor of Madonna’s mother was married to a distant relative of Celine’s dad.

Not fair! ):

Which fact do you think is the weirdest?



Weirdest Celebrity Facts Round 2

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 12, 2011

If you didn't read part one of the celeb facts, this blog is about random facts about celebrities/musicians. They are good ice breakers, conversation starters, or fun facts to know. Every other day I am going to post at least ten fun facts for you all! 

1. David Bowie had a stalker who was a person dressed as a giant pink rabbit.

It's better than someone dressed as Frank....

(p.s. that is the reason I sleep with a night light... FRANK IS TERRIFYING.)

2. A naked Ozzy Osbourne caught a burglar in his house, and wrestled him until he escaped by falling 30ft out of a window.

"What did you do to get put in jail?" "Oh, I was just tackled by a naked Ozzy while stealing some of his stuff. NBD."

3. President Richard Nixon kept a list of enemies. Number 19 on that list was actor Paul Newman.


4. Matt Damon used to make money as a sidewalk break-dancer.

I'd love to see that.

5. When Drew Barrymore posed nude for Playboy, Steven Spielberg sent her a quilt and a note that said “cover yourself up”.


6. At age 37, Jack Nicholson discovered that the woman he'd always thought his sister was actually his mother.

Eric Clapton AND Jack Nicholson confused their mom for their sister!

7. Aerosmith's Dude Looks Like a Lady was written about Vince Neil of Motley Crue.


8. George Clooney sometimes sleeps in the walk-in closet of his LA mansion because, he says, "all the bedrooms are too light".

Uh, paint the rooms darker, bro. You have enough money!

9. Before they were married Tom Cruise once gave Katie Holmes the gift of all of his films on DVD.

"Um... Thanks?"

10. Martha Stewart sued her neighbor for planting a shrubbery between their two houses.

I wonder what the Knights who say Ni think of this.

11. Angelina Jolie gave Brad Pitt a vial of “dried bat”.

How.... sweet....

What do you think of this celebrity facts? Weird or neat?


10 Reasons Why I Love Buzznet

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 11, 2011

It's no secret - I am in love with Buzznet. Every single day I wake up, open Safari and check my Buzznet. A smile spreads across my face when I get new comments or follows, and I spend about a half hour reading other people's posts. Throughout the day I am constantly checking my Buzznet and thinking of new posts. So I wanted to let everyone know why I love Buzznet so much. Hopefully you all feel the same way - which I'm sure you all do (:

1. Buzznet is the reason I took photos of my all time favorite band.

Last year in October, Buzznet made a post about hiring new interns. Excited because I would love to fly out to Hollywood to meet everyone and work, I applied. I made my resume and a photography portfolio. Every hour on the hour I checked my e-mail for a response. Two days later I received an e-mail from Bree saying they weren't necessarily looking for photography interns, but they asked me to join the Buzznet Photographers Network. I was SO happy! I love going to concerts and I love taking photos. So when I was told I can do both for pretty much free, I was speechless. On January 29th, I went to U.S. bank arena and took photos of Avenged Sevenfold, my favorite band for six years. Thank you Buzznet for making my dreams come true. Was that cheesy? Yes, but it's true!

2. The stories never fail to entertain.

Every time you visit Buzznet, there is a new post. So if you are like me and spend a lot of time on the internet, you love reading new things and getting ideas. I love to comment on posts and feature the ones I love as much as possible. Everyone on here has a voice and an opinion that they share and write in their posts. It's so neat to be able to read what someone puts so much work into and learn things about them. Whether it's fashion, music, or something personal, it's always entertaining. So thank you Buzznet for existing (: Without you I would be bored out of my mind!!

3. The staff.

Everyone with the little badge that has a white lightening bolt on it works at Buzznet. They are all totally nice and take the time to read, comment, buzz, feature, and link your work to everyone on the website. I've had a lot of conversations with a lot of the staff and I can not get over how sweet they all are! El Rich, Breesays, Aviva, Yasi, Ashly, and more work so hard on the website and they are truly amazing! I love talking to you guys and you definitely make Buzznet. So thank you all for making all of us Buzzneters' lives a lot more entertaining.

4. The contests.

There are always contests going on. All you have to do to look through them is click the contests link at the top. Then you are exposed to a bunch of fun contests the crew at Buzznet puts together with bands, celebs, or fashion designers. They are fun to enter and it's awesome to see the prizes. Where else can you find such awesome contests? Thanks Buzznet for your awesomeness at making Buzzneters days!

5. Connecting people.

There are soooo many people on Buzznet. Some might live on the same street as you, attend the same school, or live in another country! But you're all brought together by similar interests in music, fashion, pop culture, etc. I've met a lot of awesome people on here and wouldn't have met them any other way. So once again, thank you Buzznet for existing. 

6. Commentary on posts.

If you don't know, you can follow Buzznet on Twitter, and/or like them on Facebook. If you're like me, you have done both. So when they get a new story that they want to share with their followers, they post it - but rather than just send the link they add some hilarious commentary. Usually when they post something hilarious I am in class and burst out laughing at the way they phrase things. Whoever runs the Buzznet fb or the Twitter, thank you for your awesome commentary.

7. The groups.

And no - I don't mean a group like the Plastics. The groups on Buzznet are awesome. Everyone fits into at least one! I've joined a ton and have met some really cool people. For instance, there are a bunch of photography groups. People upload their artwork, and others critique. You might even be featured in photo of the day by El Rich! If that isn't an achievement, I don't know what is.

8. Question of the Day.

Thank you so very much, El Rich, for posting a question of the day. I find myself waiting for your post so I can rant - I'm sorry for some of my long posts! It's fun to answer random questions and read other people's answers. The QOTD is definitely one of the many awesome factors about Buzznet. Thanks El Rich and everyone!

9. The dedication to music.

Breesays, the music editor at Buzznet, always has amazing posts about music. She interviews bands that everyone on the site likes, and she tells everyone the latests news about musicians. If you ever want to know what band is coming to a place near you, you can almost always find a new blog on Bree's page. Whether it's Yellowcard, Panic!, Good Charlotte, All Time Low, or other bands, it will always be available to you. Thank you Bree and everyone else who posts band related news!

10. Their ability to make people happy.

For me, Buzznet is the reason I am who I am. I've met so many people on here who I consider friends and I have had the most amazing opportunity ever given to me by them. Without Buzznet, I wouldn't be able to keep up with the celebs. Without Buzznet, I wouldn't have any idea of what is "in" this season in fashion. Every single person on this website makes Buzznet, Buzznet. They give away awesome prizes, they make people's day by featuring their posts, putting their posts on the front page, and hooking them up with awesome opportunities! Buzznet, thank you for just being so freaking awesome!

Those are the ten reasons why I love Buzznet. Do you share any of my loves? 



Weirdest Celebrity Facts

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 10, 2011

I love learning new things every day - even if they don't pertain to anything. Some can be useless or some can be interesting conversation starters. Because of this, I follow @OMGFactsCelebs on Twitter. Here are some of the weirdest/random facts you never knew about celebs.

1. Janis Joplin's will stated there had to be a party of 200 people in her favorite pub.

Umm... Only 200?

2. Marilyn Monroe had a clause in her movie contracts that said she didn’t have to work on her period.

Can this woman be more amazing?

3. Lucy Liu claims that she has had sex with a ghost.


4. Hugh Jackman sometimes likes to wear the Wolverine costume in bed.

I have no idea what to say to that.

5. Jessica Simpson prefers to kiss with her eyes open.

That'd be so awkward...

6. Walt Disney’s last 2 words were Kurt Russell.

I wonder what he was going to say?

7. Johnny Depp used to check into hotels under the name "Mr. Stench".

So next time you are at a hotel and hear the name "Mr. Stench", prepare yourself.

8. Natalie Portman skipped the premiere of The Phantom Menace to study for finals. It paid off; she got into Harvard.

Smart AND beautiful? What can't she do?

9. When Andrew W.K. was 17 he wrote a song that was so creepy it earned him a restraining order.

Did it have to do with partying?

10. Carmen Electra went to high school with Nick Lachey from 98 Degrees. (not really a weird fact but it pertains to me too!)

They went to my school! So did Andy Sixx of BVB (he and I went to SCPA together).

11. Eric Clapton grew up thinking his mom was his sister.

That had to be awkward......

Those are some of the weird facts you can learn and use to start conversations! Do you know any weird facts about celebs?



My Experience Seeing Rush

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Apr 06, 2011

On April fifth, 2011 I found myself nearly drowning in anticipation for a show I have been waiting for for months. Listening to music, getting ready, and putting on the shirt I've been waiting to wear, all seemed like it was going by too slow, but at the end of the night I feel like it went by too quickly.

On December 25 my family and I bought tickets to see Rush over Christmas brunch. We have all been fans of this amazing band since they first started. My brother and father bonded over their music which led my sister and I growing up listening to them. So when April fifth finally came, I could not have been more excited.

I saw Rush for the first time in June of 2008 at Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. At the time I didn't really get their lyrics. I just listened and enjoyed their amazing talent. As I got older I began to understand what they were saying and it stuck with me since.

"We are secrets to each other - each one's life a novel no one else has read. Even joined in bonds of love, we're linked to one another by such slender threads."

The lyrics above are from my favorite Rush song "Entre Nous". Some of you have heard me talk about this before on tattoo blogs, but I just want to let you all know how much this song means to me. I will hopefully be getting the words "Entre Nous" tattooed on me somewhere when I have the money. My parents tell me to wait to see if I still want it later in life, but I couldn't imagine not wanting it anymore.

Anyways, back to the show. So as we are driving the traffic is getting worse and worse. Some idiot decided to do construction on a two lane highway during rush hour. Seriously, bro? Well we were all biting our nails afraid we would miss Rush's opening. Their opening song was my mom's all time favorite so if we missed it, she would be devastated. 

Not only were we stuck in traffic, we still had to stop to get something to eat before the show. From Cincinnati to Louisville it's a little over two hours if you add in traffic. We left around 4:30 because my sister just got home from school and had to get ready and we had to pick my brother up. So the anticipation was killing us along with the fact we could miss their opening number. Slowly but surely traffic lightens and we are on the road, making up for the time lost.

We stop at a subway which seems to take hours. We devoured our food and drove on to the KFC Yum! Center in Louisville, Kentucky. We quickly find a place to park with ten minutes until the show starts. We walk like we were walking on hot coals and shove our tickets in the hands of the people with scanners, then run up the steps to our seats. We were in section 112 which was directly in front of the stage. There were no tall people blocking out view (thank god because my mom and I are short) and there weren't any annoying people around us (thank god because my sister and I would have killed them). We sat around talking about the songs they are going to play and the lights go off.

The crowd screams and roars with excitement, waiting for the three talented men to walk onto the stage ready to play. Only the screen lit up behind the stage. Episode 2. The history of Rash. "Rash?" I said looking to my mom.

Three men stood on a tiny stage in a diner with the logo Rash on the drum. Then a thick German accent took over the god awful sound of the three-man band. Behold Geddy Lee (singer) with a monocle, thick mustache, and a hat wiping down the counter of the diner. The large man eating sausage is none other than Alex (guitarist) and the man sitting next to him was a cop - only fitting to be Neil. Everyone is cracking up as we watch our heros portraying hilarious characters, talking about the god-awful band that is "Rash".

Alex. (in a fat suit ahaha)


And no photo of Neil, sadly ):

Later in the scene Alex pulls out a "GeFilter" and starts pressing buttons to change the band's sound. Soon enough three men walk out on stage playing "Spirit of the Radio". 

The rest was just amazing. Although they are almost sixty, they still have it in them! They are amazing and so talented. Listening to their music you have no idea it's only three guys. I was a little sad, though, because they didn't play my favorite song Entre Nous or Dreamline. But they did play Farcry which is a GREAT song. 

So if you are a Rush fan and haven't seen them, DO IT. They have no opening bands - just them on stage playing three hours worth of amazing songs. This show they played all the songs off "Moving Pictures". Such a great album, BTW.

Nonetheless, my experience at the Rush concert was mind-blowing. I love their music and their dedication. Hopefully I will be able to see them again when their new album Caravan releases this Fall. And hopefully you Rush fans who weren't able to see them this past tour will have the chance to. It's life-changing.

Thanks for reading this ridiculous blog!

Have you seen Rush? Tell me about your experience (:


Genius Actors Acting in Photos

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Mar 24, 2011

When you think actors, you think of a man or woman portraying a character on the big screens driving in a car, singing, laughing, crying, shouting, and well, moving. It takes true talent for that actor/actress to act - but without filming. Photographer Howard Schatz from Vanity Fair, did a photo shoot with some of the best, well known actors in a series of roles and dramatic situations to reveal the essence of their characters. 

Tracy Morgan:

Left: You're a father teaching his daughter to ride a bike, watching as she takes a header on her first solo try. Center: You're the cat that ate the canary. Right: You're a man in denial, figuring that if you don't listen to your girlfriend's breakup speech she'll stick with you. 

Brendan Fraser:

Left: You're a factory foreman with $200 riding on the game, watching your team's placekicker muff a 23-yarder with 0:01 remaining. Center: You're a first-time skydiver, reacting to your instructor's saying it's your turn: "What? Can't hear you! Sorry ... what?" Right: You're in the back row of sixth-grade health class, exulting with your pal in the fact that your female teacher just uttered the word "penis." 

Ricky Gervais:

Left: You're the office toady, having a dutiful laugh over your boss's latest racist joke—and all too aware that everyone else at work hates you. Center: You're a Miss Universe finalist in the nanosecond between being named fifth runner-up and remembering to flash your best I'm-so-happy smile. Right: You're the school doofus, blissfully unaware that your having just been named prom king is a cruel, Carrie-style stunt by your classmates. 

Ken Jeong:

Left: You're the new longboarder on the secret beach with the famous break, preparing for the onslaught from the territorial locals. Center: You're a suburban car dealer demonstrating in your three a.m. ad slot how much your customers $$$AVE when they come to you! Right: You're a Romanian gymnastics coach, exasperated at the failings of your 12-year-old star pupil, screaming, "You are imbecile!" 

Jane Lynch:

Left: You're a child swallowing a spoonful of medicine that your mom promised would taste good, and now she's telling you that if it didn't taste awful it wouldn't work. Center: You're at a social dinner with your work colleagues and their spouses, desperately trying to signal your partner to stop talking so freely about your shared sex life. Right: You're a bunny-level skier who has decided to try a black-diamond slope, and now, with no idea how to stop, you're headed straight for a tree. 

Brooke Shields:

Left: You're a celebrity guest at a White House state dinner, forced out of desperation to finally confront the creepy "nobody" crasher who has been trying to catch your attention all evening. Center: You're a Kansas homemaker on vacation in Vegas, enjoying the stage show of the hypnotist, who has successfully programmed his volunteer (your husband) to quack like a duck. Right: You're in the fourth row of a high-school auditorium, watching as your 15-year-old daughter begins singing Annie Oakley's "Doin' What Comes Natur'lly"—and freezes halfway through. 

Jane Krakowski:

Left: You're a finalist on America's Next Top Model who is hearing Tyra tell the other girl she's out—and you're prepping to give your nemesis a "sincere" hug. Center: You're a stand-up comic performing at a Toronto showcase packed with S.N.L. and HBO scouts—and your "lesbian chickens" bit is utterly tanking. Right: You're, like, 15, and he's, like, 17, and even tho U have only ever said, like, "Hey" in the hallways, he's just texted 2 ask U 2 B his D8 @ the prom!!! the prom!!! 

Geoffrey Rush:

Left: You're the cornerman for a winded female boxer, desperately exhorting her: "She's run away with your boyfriend! She's kidnapped your kid! Get out there and kill that heifer!" Center: You're five years into a contented but sedentary married life, protesting to your wife, "I said you're ‘Rubenesque.' It doesn't mean fat. It means … Rubenesque!" Right: You're a 10-year-old in a high-rise apartment, playing fetch with your fox terrier and a tennis ball—which has just bounced out the window, with your dog in full pursuit. 

Jeff Goldblum:

Left: You're the surly 14-year-old son of a single mother, steeling yourself as she awkwardly, haltingly begins a belated and unnecessary "birds and bees" talk. Center: You're at your daughter's college graduation, and the pretty classmate of hers that you've been secretly ogling has just said, "Mr. Lefkowitz, you can't be 58—you're too cool!" Right: You're the valedictorian of your high-school class, having just been introduced to give the speech of your young life—and your mind has gone completely blank. 

John Goodman:

Left: You're a geek flirting with a cheerleader, unaware that you don't stand a chance. Center: You're departing the nursing home where your wife resides; it is your first visit in which she didn't recognize you. Right: You're a college basketball coach, on the cusp of an N.C.A.A. tournament berth, screaming at the referee, knowing that if you're ejected, your boys will turn it up a notch. 

Amy Poehler:

Left: You are sneaking a peek, in the middle of the night, at your sweet new boyfriend's computer … and discovering e-mails to and from his three current "other" girlfriends. Center: You are a Park Avenue matron, paying your husband a surprise visit at his office and discovering him on the couch in flagrante delicto with his secretary. Right: You are a disoriented homeless woman being arrested for loitering. 

Hugh Laurie:

Left: You are a dedicated father who, with your wife, has just sat down to dinner with your 15-year-old daughter, who is defiantly announcing that she's pregnant. Center: You are a fashion designer on the morning of your big runway show, realizing that nothing in the collection is ready or fabulous. Right: You are a blustering, pompous member of the British Parliament, giving a speech that is being broadcast on the BBC, and you're thrilled at the sound of your own voice. 

Which actor/actress do you think has the best "acting" photo? I love John Goodman!


Mike Starr Passes at 44

Clarissa Brucato
Clarissa Brucato Mar 08, 2011

Mike Starr, former bassist of Alice in Chains, passed away on March 8 2011. He battled addiction for most of his life and was even on Dr. Drew's show Celebrity Rehab because of it. He was very sick throughout the show, being very negative and in denial mostly. At the end of the show, he said he would continue to Sober House. Mike Starr was sober for a total of six months and seven days. That is an amazing accomplishment for someone so addicted to hardcore drugs.

Here is a photo of Starr when he was the bassist of Alice in Chains (1987-1993)

And here is Starr from Celebrity Rehab:

Mike was affected by the drugs in a way that totally changed his personality. On the show you can see him struggling with sobriety. It wasn't an easy process for him, but it made many viewers and fans happy to see him continue to Sober House. One of the most moving episodes was when family and/or friends visited those trying to become sober. Layne Staley, the singer of Alice in Chains, who died in 2002 of a heroin overdose, had an impact on the band members. His mother appeared on the said episode and was very emotional telling Starr how she did not want him to turn out like Layne. She didn't want another one she loved to pass away because of addiction. The episode is very haunting and definitely resontated with Mike. 

Here are some comments made by band members, Dr. Drew, and fans:

"Jerry and Sean are mourning the loss of their friend and ask that the media respect their privacy -- and the privacy of Mike's family -- during this difficult time. Their thoughts & prayers are with Mike's family," the statement by Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney was released. 

"Devastating to hear of Mike Starr succumbing to his illness. So very sad. Our prayers are with his family," the doctor wrote on his Twitter page.

"RIP Mike Starr. Another fallen Soldier to addiction..:( " - Nikki Sixx

"RIP mike Starr. Alice in chains. Say hi to layne staley. You two are reunited too young." - Fan

It is not said whether Mike Starr died because of his addiction, but he was recently arrested for suspicion of felony possession of a controlled substance in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he was later found dead.

My heart aches for Mike, since I followed him on Dr. Drew's show. I am in love with Alice in Chains and have been for some time. The death of Layne was tragic, and so is the death of Mike. They are reunited too young. I hope Mike and Layne are together as we speak, catching up. R.I.P. Mike Starr and Layne Staley <3


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